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The Bottle Shop in Belgium

Hi there to everyone who has reached us - thanks for taking the time.


Who are we?


I’m Bob Cavanagh and we are part of The Bottle-Shop family, a business that started in 2010 in The Goods Shed, Canterbury, UK.  Hope you are enjoying a brew on us :-)


You can read more about the Bottle-Shop UK here :


What do we do in Belgium?


We started 7 years ago, selling some beer that very few people here in Belgium had tasted.  These included Kernel, Beavertown, Redchurch, Buxton, Magic Rock, Brew By Numbers, Gadds, Pressure Drop, Wild Beer Co amongst others, most of which are more or less readily available now in many places in Belgium, though not so much outside Brussels and Antwerp.


We moved into Wholesale a couple of years back and continued to promote UK Craft Beer throughout Belgium, attending Beer Festivals and organising Tap Takeovers.


We continue to represent The Bottle-Shop here in Belgium and have organised beer from Brussels Beer Project, Alvine, Prearis and most recently Nano Brasserie L’Ermitage to flow in the opposite direction.


Recently we have joined up with our good friend Kristof Tack, who runs Gobsmack and now has taken over our list of UK Brewers regarding import and wholesale.  I have taken a break from the retail business, but am busy making some plans to kick-start the business in 2018. 


There are few things in the pipeline for this year:


  • We would love to help set up Beer Clubs.  Basically, we would supply a number of assorted cases of beer depending on how many people were involved/how much beer was desired on monthly/bi-monthly basis.  These could be picked up from us to keep costs down.  We would ensure that in the case of time-sensitive beers (Pales, IPAs) that they were as fresh as possible.  Taking whole cases and splitting them up yourselves allow us to function as a cash-and-carry, saving you money.  The beers would come from a number of different countries.  Just get in touch if you would like more information.


  • If you have read the information about Bottle-Shop UK linked to above, you will have seen the Cold Chain.  We are seeking to extend that to Belgium so you can get great US beer as fresh as humanly possible.  


  • Six Pack Central.  I am looking to open up an online store from which you can pick up from directly, but which also delivers to Waterloo, Rhode-St-Genesse, Uccle, Braine L’Alleud, Beersel and Linkebeek.  It will sell only cans, in 6x330ml packs or 4x for tne larger cans.  Really looking forward to getting some juicy IPAs out there :-)  Other beers will be available.


If any of this sounds interesting then why not join our mailing list?  Also, if you have a bar or shop near you that isn’t currently stocking the good stuff, put them/us in touch.  If they take beer, then you will be rewarded!

Thanks for getting in touch, we'll get back to you as soon as possible!